Franklin Central Communications has the products and expertise to provide you with a sophisticated, professional installation. Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling, or adding a system to your existing home, we think you’ll be amazed and pleased with our ability to design and install systems that go beyond the ordinary. We will walk you through the choices and the technology that will suit your needs—for today and tomorrow. We realize that you want more than glamorous components with multiple buttons. You want quality, dependability and ease of use.

Commercial installations are similar to, but very different from residential installations. Franklin Central Communications is equally adept at both.

Our experts work with you and your builder, architect, or interior designer to create a plan that will meet your needs, while maintaining your facility’s architectural and design integrity. The services we offer here are obtainable for almost any office, business or facility.

Residential Systems

Home Theater

A home theater system can be as simple as dedicating a corner section of your family room, or as grand as dedicating an entire room to it. No matter where your imagination leads you, Franklin Central can bring the complete cinema experience to your home. Just add popcorn!

Multi-Room Music

How great would it be to have music playing throughout your entire home? Wouldn’t it be awesome if your kids could listen to the latest top 40 in their room while you listen to the Beatles in another room? Wouldn’t you love to have amazing sound in your outdoor entertainment area? Won’t you be in heaven when you are able to access all of your CDs and purchased music on your computers with the touch of a button? And what if you could control selection and volume from any room? Franklin Central can make all of this and more possible.

Distributed Entertainment

Distributed entertainment consists of a centralized audio/video system that can provide audio and video throughout your home. The only equipment required to be in the peripheral rooms are the speakers and video monitor. Through wall-mounted or remote controls, you are able to control the system. Press a button here and it happens there!

Let Franklin Central show you how.

Telephone and Intercom Systems

Even if you don’t have many telephone lines a telephone system may be for you. Features such as high quality cordless phones that can go anywhere in your home without losing reception, intercoms to answer the door from the backyard, page someone from anywhere in your home, the ability to open the garage door from upstairs to let someone in, conference calling and much more.

High Speed Computer Networking – Wired and Wireless

Franklin can enhance your Internet experience by providing high speed Internet access to everyone in your home without tying up telephone bandwidth. Streaming video, now the standard on the Web, is a snap with modern high speed networking. In addition, an intelligent network layout can help save money and allow peripherals such as printers and TV content to be shared among many users. The system can be integrated with cameras to view a baby’s room, kids playing outside or watch the elderly and their caretakers. You can now have access to your home from anywhere in the world.

Commercial Systems


Your A/V displays should enhance your message, not distract from it. We design your system to optimize the display of your most important content. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art entertainment room in your hotel or club, a way to give a presentation in your board room, or allowing health club patrons to tune into their favorite shows while exercising, Franklin Central can make it happen.

Projector Installation

Many larger corporations have meeting facilities that are big enough to hold all their employees. In a large space like that, a monitor will simply not do – you will need a projector. These installations warrant the specific expertise that Franklin Central has gained through decades in the business.

Sound Systems

The times of having a boom box on the administrative assistant’s desk to provide music are long gone. Crisp, clear music can come out of the ceiling or the walls and most patrons won’t even be able to spot the speakers. Especially in common areas, this is a nice touch. Utilize the same speakers for paging and announcements whether you have a phone system or not!

Telephone and Intercom Systems and VOIP

Today’s businesses depend on communication systems and for some clients, lives hang in the balance—think hospital or doctor’s office, or someone trying to call into an emergency facility for help. Transmission must be clear and reliable, whether via intercom to the next room or via satellite to the next hemisphere. Franklin’s experts can help you design a secure voice and data communications network tailored to your exact needs.

High Speed Computer Networking

Franklin Central can enhance your company’s productivity by providing high speed Internet access to everyone in your facility—without tying up telephone bandwidth. Streaming video is a snap with modern high speed networking. In addition, an intelligent network layout can help save money by allowing peripherals such as printers to be shared among many users.

Security and Safety

Access Control Systems and CCTV

Access control systems are a very effective means for providing security to all types of businesses. It provides a high degree of security across all commercial sectors. It stands to reason that if you combine both closed circuit television (CCTV) and access control in an integrated system, you can afford your business an enhanced degree of security.

Fire Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Safety

As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of the employees who work for you. Early warning of a fire can save lives, and fire alarms are not even an option, but required by law. In addition, carbon monoxide detectors will have your staff breathing a sigh of relief. Turn to Franklin Central to keep your people safe and healthy.

Security Systems

Whether you need a simple, no-frills system or a more elaborate plan to thwart determined individuals targeting your facility, Franklin Central can customize a security system that meets your needs and maximizes your available manpower.

Security cameras can be hidden or visible and connected via IP technology to a central monitoring station. We can help you detect anything from shoplifting to employee theft and increase production with your ability to analyze work flow. Let us help reinforce your perimeter security with redundant and layered systems that seamlessly integrate active and passive devices designed to match your needs and security personnel.

Safety and Security

Security Systems – Licensed and Insured

When it comes to protecting your most important assets – your family, home and property, don’t take any chances. Franklin Central can create a system that will give you peace of mind when you’re at home or away.

Fire Alarm Systems

Another component of safety at home is making sure that you and your family receive early warning of a fire in your home. In conjunction with a top-notch superior fire alarm system, you should have an escape plan and rehearse it with your entire family.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Systems

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas, often generated by the misuse or malfunction of gas-fueled appliances. The good news is that there are devices that detect this potentially deadly gas even in small quantities. Ask Franklin Central how you can protect your family against this harmful gas.

CCTV Systems

For the ultimate in home security, you might want to opt for a closed circuit television system (CCTV). A simple set up would allow you to see who is at the door when the doorbell rings, or watch the children or elderly in another room or in the backyard. A more comprehensive design would allow you to patrol the perimeter of your home and the grounds on which it sits. You can view or review (when recorded) multiple scenes from your home TV, computer or remotely from anywhere in the world!